based on Shira's headcanon

"Stiles asks Allison to train him and soon after she starts training him, she falls in love with him. After he kills his first serial killer, they get so excited that she can’t help but kiss him and he doesn’t pull back and they turn into this badass hunter couple. She’s so proud of him and he wants to make her proud as well."

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Do you know what it is like,
         to lie in bed awake;
         with thoughts to haunt
         you every night,
         of all your past mistakes.
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make me choose: oh-captainmyswan asked scallison or allisaac.
anon asked scallison or scira.

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3b best of: Derek Hale.

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I wonder what will happen to us? Maybe it’ll make us stronger. I hope it’ll make us stronger.

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"On the good days, I forgive your sharp teeth and on the bad days, you forgive my soft limbs. We are the most healing battle ever fought, and we don’t even have a word for it yet."

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allison argent meme: one argent family moment

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We had to go to a hospital in Athens for 3 weeks but my father is better now and we’re going home!

There’s still a chance we’ll have to go back to Athens but I cross my fingers we won’t have to.

We’re on the ship now and the trip will last 9 hours so tell me everything I missed the past few weeks!

April 17th